The Power of Song by Katherine Dines

Songs are extremely powerful! CAT scans have shown that all the hemispheres of the brain ignite when songs are played and people truly listen. A song has three key ingredients: rhythm, music, and lyrics (words). “Music” is Greek in origin (from “muse”) and once meant ALL of the arts.  Although listening is primarily an auditory experience, a song’s rhythm is kinesthetic, […]

Music Business Monday with 123 Andrés

  Happy Music Business Monday!  Andrés Salguero, better known as 123 Andrés is the ultimate children’s music professional in my humble opinion. Everything he produces from his culture rich music and videos to his vibrant website are colorful and masterfully consistent in its branding. It’s clear that Andrés has successfully cracked the code on the children’s music business while unapologetically representing […]

Building Bridges Through Music from School to Home by Maureen Conlin

Building Bridges Through Music from School to Home by Maureen Conlin Early childhood music educators are provided with so many wonderful opportunities to guide young children on their musical journey and are given many occasions to connect the environments of school and home through music. Melodies and lyrics that young children learn at preschool and daycare […]

“First Day Butterflies” by Dorothy Cresswell on Tuneful Tuesdays

Today’s Tuneful Tuesday song comes from Dorothy Cresswell who shared “First Day Butterflies” written expressly for the first day of school! “(This song) acknowledges that although the beginning of school is exciting, we have mixed feelings about it.”, says Dorothy. “At my school, I collected my class at the bus door. Right there at the […]