Stay Eye to Eye With Me, Can’t you See?

Member “Mrs. Kate” Carpenter is a folksinger, songwriter & storyteller from Callahan, FL. She shared a recent experience with us she had teaching below. It is a wonderful reminder of the power of music to connect. Recently I was skyrocketed out of my comfort zone. I was asked to teach songwriting to youthful drug offenders […]


We begin today, November 8th 2016, eyes peeled to every news source imaginable. This election season has broken the record for exhausting, stressful and divisive spectacles in the United States. No matter the outcome, remember friends, that where there is music, where there is love, where there is life, there is hope. We shall continue, […]

How Can We Keep From Singing?

Blog Editor Alina Celeste recaps our most recent International Conference. Our annual conference was just a few weeks ago, and I am still singing, dancing and smiling in my heart. This yearly gathering of song, support, learning and boundless love is such a unique, unmissable event! To be surrounded by fellow musicians and educators is […]

Being Different Is Wonderful.

This thoughtful piece is an excerpt from member Joanie Calem’s blog, you can see the original piece here. I always remind myself that change begins with me, in my soul, in my home, in my work, in my world. And what is my world? My world is a world of music and community and autism […]

The Magic of the Vocable

This lovely little snippet on the power of little snippets is by member Liz Hannan. vo·ca·ble … a word, especially with reference to form rather than meaning. Think of solfeggi: Do Re Mi Fa So La To Do. Here is how I use vocables and the unexpected magic I observe happening with the children. To […]