KINDIECOMM 2016 by Katherine Dines and Jonathan Sprout

Members Katherine Dines and Jonathan Sprout teamed up to provide this recap of KindieComm. Philadelphia, PA, April 1-3: The third annual Kindiecomm was one rockin’ weekend! Mega-thanks are in order to Robert Drake and Kathy O’Connell, a dynamic duo from WXPN Radio, who host and produce “Kid’s Corner,” a daily syndicated hour-long radio show for children. Robert and […]

Welcome new President Anna Stange!

After two fruitful years of leading CMN, Liz Buchanan has stepped down as our President. Thank you Liz, for your dedication and guidance, CMN has come a long way! Our new president is Anna Stange, a CMN member for 13 years. I asked her three important questions, and got three great answers! I’m excited to […]

CMN Conference Saturday Workshop Overview

9:15 – 10:30 Early Childhood Masterclass Wee Chant: MaryLee Sunseri Come sing a collection of chants and lullabies for birthing and parenting. Bonding, language development and musicality begin at 20 weeks gestation. These songs are as easy to sing as “Happy Birthday,” and encourage parents to sing with their babies. Primarily for work with infant/early childhood age. MaryLee Sunseri […]

Swimming, Biking, Running for CMN

By Wiley Rankin I first got interested in doing a triathlon in 2011 when I got back into running. I have always enjoyed swimming, and we had an old bike, so I figured what the heck. A friend from church told me about the Bay Area websites for triathlons and there were a million possibilities. […]

Want to Edit this Blog?

By Liz Buchanan Created about this time last year, CMN’s blog is fast becoming one of the most important “public faces” of our organization.  Just look through our blog archives and see what we’ve been posting about! We exchange songs, offer teaching tips, share advice for performers and songwriters, and spread the word about ways […]