“Kindness March” by Dorothy Cresswell on Tuneful Tuesdays

“Kindness March” by Dorothy Cresswell on Tuneful Tuesdays Today’s song was sent to us by musician and activist Dorothy Creswell;  director of the “Happy Valley Children’s Chorus“and  creator and producer of  “The Curious Giraffe Show: Musical Conversations with Kids.” Today, Dorothy offers the magic of singing together with her newest song “Kindness March”. Dorothy says that along with the […]

How Should We Measure Success In Music Education? By Duane Whitcomb

Today’s reflection comes from Duane Whitcomb, co-founder of FiddleQuest, an on-line violin curriculum for students and teachers that enhances ear-training for social and performance playing. Let’s check out his great perspective on measuring success in music education. Music education is a long haul. It usually takes many years for a student to learn to play an […]