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It is a lazy Saturday afternoon and I am at home playing music and writing songs with my son.  I’ve been inspired recently by a project that came across my Facebook feed.

I met Steve Denyes in Philadelphia a few years ago at KindieCOMM – a gathering of performance artists making independent music for children.   That first meeting we exchanged information and became Facebook friends.  Over the years I have read his posts and have admired his commitment to our common craft, his well-reasoned commentary, and his knack for helping and including others both in his community as well as the community of children’s musicians.

Here was Steve’s [edited] post

“In February, [Steve] is recording and posting a song a day for twenty days to raise money for Happy Star Melodies. And, an amazing batch of family-music artists from around the country will join [him] as guest artists. These artists have won Grammys, Emmys and Parents’ Choice Awards, but, most importantly, they have won the hearts of kids all over the country.”

You can hear how Steve and his cohort of musicians are doing

So far the prompts have been:

Feb 1:  My Best Friend Riley (Is a Dog)

Feb 2: Ant and Bee Went Searching For a Cookie

Feb 3:  My Trip To Paris

Feb 4:  Hugs for My Family, High Fives for My Friends

“Here’s the day-by-day breakdown of artists. .

Thursday, Feb 1 – Jason Didner
Friday, Feb 2 – Keith Wasserman
Saturday, Feb 3 – Ashli Christoval
Sunday, Feb 4 – Randy Kaplan
Monday, Feb 5 – Jim Cosgrove
Tuesday, Feb 6 – Andrés Mauricio Salguero
Wednesday, Feb 7 – Ali Marae
Thursday, Feb 8 – Laura Doherty
Friday, Feb 9 – Shawn Rohlf
Saturday, Feb 10 – Ralph Ralph S. Covert
Sunday, Feb 11 – Ben Gundersheimer
Monday, Feb 12 – Vered Ronen
Tuesday, Feb 13 – Charity Kahn
Wednesday, Feb 14 – Kurt Gallagher
Thursday, Feb 15 – Kathryn Cloward
Friday, Feb 16 – Frances England
Saturday, Feb 17 – Liz DeRoche
Sunday, Feb 18 – Lucky Diaz
Monday, Feb 19 – Andy Furgeson
Tuesday, Feb 20 – Karen Karen Rives Kalafatas ”

I am pleased to see a few members of the Children’s Music Network community on this list as well as a few others I have met at KindieCOMM.  I look forward to learning more about them all as I listen to the songs they create in a day.

For more information about the project visit

Steve’s Crowdrise Campaign

Article written by CMN Blog Editor Tim Seston

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