Indoor Snow Fun With Music, Movement, and Literacy

A few years ago I got connected with Carole Stephens of Macaroni Soup through a post she had done on the stretchy band being one of her favorite manipulatives. That connection has lead to many great music and movement inspirations and also to becoming a CMN member!

This post is inspired by her song “The Freeze” and indoor snowball set she created (that I am now privileged to sell in our store.)

Get ready for some inspiration for a winter themed activity with music, movement, literacy, and crafts!


The Music

Where we live in Missouri we don’t always get enough snow to play in and have fun with. I have enjoyed creating some fun circle times all about winter, and Carole’s song “The Freeze” on her Dancing Feet Album was the inspiration for it all!

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After we got connected, she had asked if I could make a mesh bag for the snowball sets she was selling – and then she was kind enough to let me start carrying them on our site!

Snowball Movement Prop Set+ Kids = Indoor Snowball Fight

The song explains it all as you can see below (this was in summer, as when it’s HOT, this is also a rather fun activity.


You can add a more real feel to your snowball fight if you spritz the snowballs with some water and stick them in a the freezer for a bit. This will be a little more messy, but for those that have never experienced real snow before, it adds a sensory dimension to it.

Here is a playlist we created for more winter fun ideas!

We had fun making a sleigh with the connect-a-stretchy band and jingle bells. We dashed through the “snow” left behind from our snowball fight!

After that we went ice-skating with the “The Skater’s Waltz”! Take a simple white paper plate, have your kids step on them, “lace them up,” and skate away. This works best on carpet.

Books and Craft Tie-In

These are my two favorite books to use during this time.

Ezra Keats “The Snowy Day”

Jimmy Fallon “Snowball Fight”

Do you have any favorites? Please comment and share!



Craft Ideas:




At Bear Paw Creek I like to give, give, and give. I usually do monthly giveaways and this will be the first one of the year 2018! I will be giving a set of our snowballs away and Carole is including her Dancing Feet cd! Click below to enter (the more you share the more entries you get!) Prize will be awarded on February 5!

Snowball Movement Prop and cd 2018

Article by CMN Blog Team Writer Janet Stephens


  1. I do Carole’s snowball freeze fight in my Magical Musical Winter Wonderland show mostly in libraries, and it’s a huge hit! I also include the ice skating, but instead of using paper plates (which are costly when you go through a lot) I use those waxy papers bakeries use so customers don’t use their hands when picking up bagels, etc. I buy them by the 1000 in boxes my local bakery sells to me. If they tear while in use I simply give out more because they are so inexpensive.

    Also for the jingle bell sleigh ride I use heavier plastic tarps I got for free at Harbor Freight. They are big and sturdy and work really well! The kid rides on the tarp and the parent is the “horse” with jingle bells. The families love this show!

    1. Great ideas! I’ll try the wax paper trick.

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