“Let My Life Be Prayer” with Ken Whiteley on Tuneful Tuesday

The 2017 International Conference was my first CMN event to attend.  I had talked to a few of the members of CMN through emails and social media but had never met any of the members in person.  I was very impressed with the conference and everyone was very welcoming. Thank you all for a very fun and rewarding experience.  I loved listening to the songs by the members attending the conference. All the songs were awesome but there was one song that really spoke to me.  The song “Let My Life Be Prayer” by Ken Whiteley really reached out and grabbed me.


Let My Life Be Prayer – Ken Whiteley

Let my life be prayer,
Let my life be prayer,
Let my life be prayer,
Surely you will see me through.

From the moment that I wake up, till I go to sleep at night,
I offer up my work and words and bring them to the light,
Let me feel the power through which we all unite,
And let my life be prayer.

Take the song that I am singing, I offer it to You,
The words that I am thinking, may they express anew,
That You are the inspiration of everything I do,
Let my life be prayer.

I do not need to worry though I know that cares will come,
I do not need to hurry, If I know Thy will be done,
I just need to trust and in that faith walk on,
And let my life be prayer.

Our time upon this planet, is surely but a span,
And things are bound to happen, which we cannot understand,
So in both joy and sorrow, I take Your outstretched hand,
And let my life be prayer.

© 2002 Ken Whiteley / Socan
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I teach in a Catholic Elementary School in Kansas and we really stress the importance of prayer in the lives of our students.  Shortly after I was back from the conference I kept thinking about that song and wanted to find a way to share it with my students and community.  I looked to see if I could find the music to it so I could possibly have one of my singing groups perform the song.  I couldn’t find the music to it so I reached out to Mr. Whiteley and he promptly returned my email and helped me get the music for the song.

Let My Life Be Prayer (Lead Sheet)

I always tell my students that when you sing the songs in church you are praying twice.  I went through some times where I had to have a leap of faith to make changes in my life.  This song spoke to me because it talks about how you do not have to worry or hurry if you know thy will be done if you have trust and prayer in your life.  Prayer is one characteristics that is shared around the world in many religions and philosophies. Prayer brings spiritual support and can benefit a person mentally and physically.

Watch how Let My Life Be Prayer Video lifts up the community during an ordination ceremony in May of 2016.

At the school where I teach we are lucky that we can pray anytime we would like to.  We begin our day with a schoolwide prayer and have other prayers throughout the day.  A new addition to our school this year is a virtue based restorative discipline.  All discipline is tied to a virtue, which is a holy habit that imitates God.  Prayer is a part of the restorative process and involves class circles that begin and end with a prayer.  We also have a First Friday Prayer service once a month that gives us time for personal reflection as well as personal prayer time.  With all these opportunities for prayer you can see why this song really had a deeper meaning for me.

I am excited to be working on this song with my groups to perform at our spring concert.  It always amazes me how a song can reach out and touch the lives of so many other people. Not only will our students be touched with the power of this song but the people attending our concert will hopefully have a response like I had. One of my prayers is that the songs I write have positive influences in the lives of others just like this song.

Cover Photo of Ken Whiteley at the 2017 CMN National Conference by Kayte Deioma

Article by CMN Blog Team writer Randy Sauer


  1. What a powerful song. Even those who do not have a formal faith surely can relate to how powerful music is to uplift and comfort and enlighten, much as prayer does. Thank you Ken Whiteley for writing and performing this amazing song, which touches me deeply.

  2. I was moved too, having had a very serious illness too. I think when you realize you’ve been given a chance to live that you realize this is beyond you or me and what we can see. Music reaches that inner place…

  3. What a great song. Ken Whitely, unbeknownst to him, is the reason I got into children’s music. His arrangements for Raffi were so perfectly musical and playable. Good to know how deep his spirit rides.

  4. This song is so deeply moving. I feel so privileged to have heard it at my first CMN Conference. Like you Valerie, I honed my teaching skills through Raffi’s music, and to meet Ken Whiteley, and know that he was behind the arrangements of those songs, was very exciting for me. His own songs are also incredible! I feel as though I was part of an important piece of history that day:)

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