Music Business Monday – Year in Review

Music Business Monday – The Year in Review

I opened my inbox today to find an email, “Advice to aspiring children’s musicians?” posted by Liz Buchanan, one of our more prolific writers on the CMN forum. This past fall Liz taught a course called “Music for Children” at Wheelock College and today one of her students emailed her to say that he is interested in exploring children’s music as a career. Several of our members have already replied. Tina Stone lays out four simple steps: Join, Listen, Attend, and Shadow. Scott Kepnes suggests discussing financial topics and entering the world of self-employment. Patricia Shih suggests getting a hold of the book she wrote titled, “Gigging: A Practical Guide for Musicians.” Patricia also writes that “you must love and respect children.” All four of these CMN members are regular contributors to our community. I am reminded that one great piece of advice for aspiring children’s musicians is to contribute:  write, sing, share and enjoy the process.

The post also made me realize that today was a perfect time to highlight CMN’s Year in Review. Under the guise of the Music Business Monday column I am going to answer Liz’s question by summing up 2017. Because one of the best ways to be successful in the music business world is to have the resources that you need at your fingertips. Hopefully her student will find the stories of our collective wisdom useful as he begins.

I’ll start with the CMN Blog because it is so easily accessible, especially if you are already here. Try reading one, or all seven, of the interviews with Jessica Hebron.

Mister G and Missus G
Andrea Green
Ken Whiteley
Sally Rogers
123 Andres
Two of a Kind
Dave Kinnoin

These interviews will give you a snapshot of the successes, challenges, amusing stories and overall energy of our organization.

You can find articles about music education and performance

Tapping into Musical Power by Maureen Conlin
Building Bridges Through Music . . . by Maureen Conlin
How Do We Measure Success . . . by Duane Whitcomb
Music as a Tool . . . by David Meyers
Raising Socially Conscious Children . . . by Patricia Shih
The Power of Song by Katherine Dines
Handling a Chaotic Audience by Val Smalkin
Musical Learning with the Three Bears by Liz Buchanan

You can learn songs in Tuneful Tuesdays and Throwback Thursdays

You can catch a glimpse of our 2017 annual conference.

You can go back through 5 additional years of our blog:  2016, 20152014, 2013, & 2012

Keep exploring:

Pass It On – CMN’s online magazine
Song Library – CMN’s catalog of songs
Regional Events – Meet other members
Find other members on their websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest

Become a member and join the CMN Forum

You can post your own questions, share your news, help others learn, and be part of our community.

2017 has been an enlightening year. My best advice – jump in and share your voice.  – Tim Seston

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