3 Songs To Get Kids In The Back To School Spirit!

3 Songs To Get Kids In The Back To School Spirit!


Summer is winding down and the first day of school is vastly approaching. Here are 3 songs by our CMN members to get kids in the Back To School spirit!


1)”The First Day of School” by Timmy Wells


“It’s the first day of school, the first day of school!

Everything is so brand new. What am I to do?”


Tim Wells’  album boasts 15 songs to help your kids get ready to go back to school in grand musical style. Through various styles of music, kids will learn to count by tens, discover shapes, tell time, build their self esteem and reinforce their conflict-resolution skills. To listen to “The First Day of School”, click here!  To view the lyrics in our Song Library, click here.



2) “All You Have To Do Is Try” by  Katherine Dines


“Go ahead. Don’t be afraid!     

With practice you’ll do fine!   

Take a step and do your best.   

Soon you’ll start to shine!            



Going back to school means learning to do new things. Katherine Dines’ encouraging song “All You Have To Do Is Try” is a great motivational song to listen to during morning drives to school. To see the lyrics in our Song Library, click here, or listen to the song below.


3) “Be Creative At Your Library” by Monty Harper and Mr. Billy


“Be creative at your library. Inspiration is on the shelf! 

Jump right in, now. Don’t be shy, baby.

Grab a book and express yourself!”

Monty Harper and Mr. Billy’s song ” Be Creative At Your Library” is the perfect song to get children excited about reading and learning! The album’s rainbow of classic rock and modern pop lyrics inspire kids and engage adults. To listen to the album, click here.



 Do you have a  favorite song that helps get you to in the back to school spirit? Share in the comments below!







  1. Love all these songs! What a wealth of fab songs by excellent songwriters. CMN is a treasure trove. Thank you!

    1. Yes! You are so right! We are wealthy with talent here at CMN!

  2. My favourite chant for learning children’s names at the start of the school year is “Up The Ladder, Down The Ladder”. I add some percussion instruments and we all have a blast!

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