Building Bridges Through Music from School to Home by Maureen Conlin

Building Bridges Through Music from School to Home by Maureen Conlin Early childhood music educators are provided with so many wonderful opportunities to guide young children on their musical journey and are given many occasions to connect the environments of school and home through music. Melodies and lyrics that young children learn at preschool and daycare […]

“First Day Butterflies” by Dorothy Cresswell on Tuneful Tuesdays

Today’s Tuneful Tuesday song comes from Dorothy Cresswell who shared “First Day Butterflies” written expressly for the first day of school! “(This song) acknowledges that although the beginning of school is exciting, we have mixed feelings about it.”, says Dorothy. “At my school, I collected my class at the bus door. Right there at the […]

“(Everybody Is) One Of A Kind” by Andrea Green on Tuneful Tuesdays

  Today’s “Tuneful Tuesday” song “(Everybody Is) One Of A Kind” comes from the amazing award-winning composer Andrea Green who writes children’s musicals that teach tolerance, diversity and inclusion. “It’s a song I wrote for a new children’s music entertainment project “SqueezeboxSqueeze” that is in development for television and stage. I also use this song […]