“I Like Onions” By Uncle Devin on Throwback Thursdays!

Today’s Throwback Thursday feature is “I Like Onions” by Uncle Devin off of his Uncle Devin’s Drum Tales CD. This CD won  a 2013 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award. This funny video produced by Jonathan Walker, Sr., and Jonathan Walker, Jr., features Mr. Grasshopper and cute Bria. In the video, Uncle Devin is actually eating an Onion Pie he made the night before. Yum! This is a great song to teach kids to love veggies that might otherwise be considered as less than tasty. Uncle Devin loves onions so much that he even teaches kids how to do the onion dance! So much fun! Let’s take a look!

This song can be used as a great tool to teach kids about the health benefits of the onion and other powerful vegetables. Here’s are some enrichment activities to follow-up with after watching “I Like Onions”:

  1. Vegetable Ballet: After having watched the music video, have the children practice the onion dance while playing “I Like Onions”. After the children learn the onion dance, bring out a basket or plate of other vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and cucumbers for children to sample. Then, invite them to create other dances inspired by the specific vegetable . Be sure to get their parent’s permission and to check for food allergies before doing this activity.
  2. Musical Vegetables: Play different styles of music from a variety of musical genres. let the children select which song they feel best fits each vegetable based on its taste or appearance.
  3. Hot Potato: Gather children into a circle. Pass an onion around in a circle like you would do for a game of “Hot Potato” or in this case “Hot Onion”. (Smiles!)  Play Uncle Devin’s “I Like Onions” song during this activity.
  4. Easy Cooking With Onions: Trying new foods is always a great way to expose children to different flavors. In the music video, Uncle Devin eats a savory onion pie. Invite the children to sample some pre-made onion pie, onion soup or even some onion rings!   You can also pre-chop some onions and other vegetables and  invite the children take turns tossing the vegetables  in a bowl to help make a salad. Uncle Devin warns that onions make him cry. So, to prevent the tears, you could have the children wear some safety goggles.  Once again, be sure to get their parents permission to sample it after having checked for allergies and dietary restrictions. Happy Onion Dancing!

Meet Uncle Devin

The Uncle Devin Show® is a live, interactive musical experience for children by renowned drummer Devin Walker. The show cultivates the minds of children through percussion instruments and is a dynamic cross between Fat Albert and Schoolhouse Rock. To hear more of his great children’s music, click here! 


 Do you have a favorite song about vegetables or fruit? Share in the comments below!


  1. Great song! Just a thought- don’t they make those toy vegetables for pre-k and pretend cooking? Maybe that could be used to offset the food allergies and have everyone join in!

    1. Carol, that’s a super idea! I’ll let Uncle Devin know!

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