“Kindness March” by Dorothy Cresswell on Tuneful Tuesdays

“Kindness March” by Dorothy Cresswell on Tuneful Tuesdays

Today’s song was sent to us by musician and activist Dorothy Creswell director of the “Happy Valley Children’s Chorus“and  creator and producer of  “The Curious Giraffe Show: Musical Conversations with Kids.” Today, Dorothy offers the magic of singing together with her newest song “Kindness March”. Dorothy says that along with the millions of women and women’s allies, she woke up the morning of January 21st excited to be part of a nationwide march.  Later, she learned that it was actually a WORLDWIDE march!  “This little tune came into my head and has continued to sing itself to me.  It is the kind of song to start your day right any day of the year.  Hope it is something you can use with your young active audiences.” says Dorothy. Let’s take a listen!

“Kindness March” By Dorothy Cresswell


Today’s the day I set my mind:

Be strong, be kind.

I’ll find a way, a way I’ll find,

Be strong, be kind.

I will not let unkindness win (I will not let unkindness win)

So let the friendly acts begin:

A smile, a wave, a welcome in

Will help us all belong,

So sing this mighty song!


Dorothy recommends you  can have the kids make up new verses for the lyrics that are in bold above. Ask them to think about what would make a kinder world. For example, another verse could be:

“I will not leave another out, I will make sure to look about….”

What a great way to get kids thinking about using their manners through music! Maybe they could even think about a social issue that they feel is important to them and plan their own Kindness March. This song would be a great song to sing or chant while marching. The possibilities are endless!

To listen to more of Dorothy’s motivating music, you can visit CDBABY here or visit her website here! 

Do you have a song about kindness? If so, please share it with us in the comments or by emailing culturequeen@culturekingdomkids.com.

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  1. Love it!! I will definitely put this one to use Dorothy. I love echo songs.

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