“Two Kids In The City” by Carol & Ed Nicodemi on Tuneful Tuesdays

Today’s song comes to us from veteran music teachers Carol and Ed Nicodemi. “Two Kids In the City” is one of the songs off of their children’s album ‘It Goes This Way’.  I recently asked Carol what inspired both she and her husband to write this wonderful song. Here’s what she had to say:

“I taught elementary school music for 25 years in a diversely populated school. I loved all my students. A lot of the ways in which I taught music was from a culturally accepting perspective.  I sang songs in many languages; and tried to model being open and inclusive with the children. I spend a lot of time listening to the children interact with one another-especially the younger ones.  I realized that when left on their own, children can make friends with no regard for color, culture or disabilities. (I believe) that children have much to teach adults.”

Let’s take a listen to “Two Kids In The City”  now:


“Two Kids In The City”

(C) Ed & Carol Nicodemi

Can you speak my language?

Can I teach you a game

That I learned in my country-

Can I tell you my name?

Can I sing you a new song

My folks sang to me?

You could teach me your song

We’ll be friends, you’ll see.


 ‘Cause I’m like you and you’re like me

  Not so different you’ll agree

  We both love our family-

   Two kids in the city.

Can I call for homework

When I stay home from school?

Can you come to my house-

Will it break the rules?

I could learn your customs,

I could show you mine

Left to ourselves,

We’ll get along just fine.

‘Cause I’m like you and you’re like me

 Not so different you’ll agree

We both love our family-

Two kids in the city.

Two kids in the city, we come from everywhere

When I need a friend you’re there…

So I’ll teach you my language

I’ll share your holidays

We’ll learn from each other,

Friends in every way

Sometimes even grownups

They don’t always see-

Maybe they will notice

Friends like you and me.

 ‘Cause I’m like you and you’re like me

 Not so different you’ll agree

 We both love our family-

 Two kids in the city.


Carol recommends that the verses be sung in ‘taking turn’ fashion. You can hear her daughter model this on the recording that’s found on the cd. The chorus was sung by the class.

Check out the rest of Carol’s music by visiting www.edandcarolnicodemimusic.com; and purchase “Two Kids In The City” here.

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  1. I really enjoyed the song, “It Goes This Way” which was the first to play on the video. I listened my way through the first 10 songs and eventually reached the featured song, “Two Kids in the City.” I enjoyed them all! Well done. So glad you joined our group, Ed and Carol!

  2. This is WONDERFUL! It is so natural and the friendship just grows throughout the song, finding similarities and differences. The upbeat rhythm is so nice too!

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