“I Can Be” by Margaret Jean Bernstein on Tuneful Tuesday

This post is by CMN member Margaret Jean Bernstein

“I Can Be” is an empowering and upbeat children’s song from Songs from SAFE through the arts that embraces diversity. Songs from SAFE through the arts not only stands alone as an inspirational compilation of positive songs for children, but is also a part of the SAFE through the arts bullying prevention program. Based upon three key components- Self Affirmation, Financial Literacy and Education of non violence, SAFE through the arts utilizes the creative and performing arts to empower young children.   

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“I Can Be”  fits into the second key component, Financial Literacy, which focuses on children thinking about empowering sustainable future for themselves. Pat Pig from Guyana, South America wishes to be a doctor, a lawyer or a cook. Bobby Bunny in a wheelchair from Buffalo, NY inspires to be a teacher. Tamkia from Nigeria decent aspires to be a construction worker. Lucinda from Puerto Rico wants to be a park ranger. Scott whose family is from Jamaica hopes to be a police officer just like his dad. Malinda Mouse comes from Egypt and had her heart set on being a writer.

Let’s take a listen! 



You can purchase the song by clicking here!   We sure hope listening to it inspires you to be anything you want to be!



  1. Very sweet song! Thank you for sharing this with us Margaret Jean. How timely!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Joanie!

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