Agarra Tu Sombrero on Throwback Thursday

Member Matt Fernald suggested this catchy tune and we’re so glad he did! From Matt:

This fun little tune is based on the chorus of the old favorite “Maria Isabel” by Los Payos, I love this version by Peanut of Sweetly Spun Music.

The chorus is a simple, two-chord wonder with a really fun hook for young children.

After passing out shakers to the children in my classes of 2’s, 3’s, and PreK, I more or less did what the wonderful Peanut does on her channel: teach/sing the chorus, with simple motions for putting on your hat (“agarra tu sombrero y póntelo”) and going to the beach in the hot sun (“vamos a la playa, calienta el sol”).

If the children seemed antsy and wanted to dance, I would sing a verse to give them time to just move and listen until the chorus came around. I don’t play guitar, so all of this was done a cappella; but again, it’s only two chords, so it’s a piece of cake to learn!

The first week after I sang this, the teachers reported that their children sang “chiri-biri-bi” all week long