That’s The Earth on Tuneful Tuesday for MMMKids

This song comes to us from members Alice and David Burba  of Songs for Teaching. David wrote and performed the song.

This song was written to teach the Earth’s physical features to Kindergarteners.  We were able to take Dave’s clever lyrics and develop an entire science lesson about the earth’s features: dirt, rocks, water and air. This lesson maps to early education science standards. Kids love this one because they like to make mud!

The full lesson includes a lesson script, visual aids, an activity sheet, a bridging activity, a home activity, a parent guide, a “reader” video and a movement video. The full lesson is available here. All of our songs at are geared for kids from preschool to 2nd grade and use movement and visual aids to teach standards-based concepts.

The movement video is designed to show the teacher the prescribed movements:

Here is a link to the Reader Video: