Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on Throwback Thursday

Alina Celeste shares a treasured classic for the Holiday. Photo Credit.


Just a few days ago I was with my 4 year old nephew. As we walked along holding hands, he began singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It wasn’t a perfect rendition, some of the reindeer names were new (Chancer, Bancer, Fixin) and he skipped a verse or two, but it was a wonderful version, nonetheless.

It was always one of my favorite holiday songs as well. I have many memories of singing it, with friends, with family, with no one around but me. Hearing his little voice raised in song, and such a classic song, carried me on a wave of nostalgic joy that is with me even today.

Music is such a powerful connection with our loved ones and our history. It weaves in and out of our lives, carrying with it memories and traditions that become richer with every year.

Rudolph was first created by Robert L. May in 1939, as an assignment for Chicago-based Montgomery Ward. The company gave out themed coloring books, and was looking for an original topic. The song, released in 1949, was written by May’s brother in law, Johnny Marks. Gene Autry made it a hit in 1949, and it went on to be covered by Bing Crosby, and many many others, including my nephew :-).

On a YouTube search for the song, I came upon this classic cartoon from 1944. I invite you on a nine-minute stroll down memory lane.

Happy Holidays




  1. Alina this is great, I never saw the original. I have to admit that I now use this song as a learning opportunity to talk about teasing and “not letting others play”. Probably annoying, but the kids don’t seem to mind, it makes them stop and think!

    1. Thanks Joanie! And I vote any moment that makes kids stop and think is one worth having 😉

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