Freedom by The Battersby Duo on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s Tuneful Tuesday comes from members The Battersby Duo. It promotes community and understanding, something we could always use more of!

We wrote the song “FREEDOM” for everyone. It’s a song about Americans, ALL Americans. It’s a song for the whole World. It’s a song for children, for Dads, for Mums and Grandparents. It’s a song for singles, gays, plumbers, teens, electricians, lawyers, writers, students, teachers, musicians, doctors, sales associates, government workers, mayors, and presidents. FREEDOM is a song for Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Hindus and Atheists.

FREEDOM is a song for the everyman.It is also the song that got us hired at The Huffington Post after Arianna heard it and contacted us asking if we would be willing to work for her at the HiuffPost writing articles about fellow Artists.

Thanks to Grammy winner Laura Sullivan and Terry a la Berry of The Arlo Guthrie Band for their great performances on FREEDOM