Florida Kid Jingle Bells on Throwback Thursday

These sparkly new lyrics were written by member Kate Carpenter to the classic tune and they couldn’t fit better for all of us who grew up on a Christmas in sandals!

From Mrs. Kate:

I live and perform for children in Florida.  Many Florida kids grow up in the Sunshine State and have never seen the snow. I wanted to write a version of Jingle Bells that would tell their story.  I mean, who’s ever had the fun of riding in a one-horse open sleigh?
This song is recorded on my Florida Family Folk Songs CD, a collection of 12 original songs and one story.

“Mrs. Kate” Carpenter hails from the tiny town of Callahan, Florida, and travels the world making families smile with her homespun folk music. A prolific songwriter, she has recorded 12 original CD’s and 2 kids’ music videos.  Her latest release, I Think I Can, is motivating kids to achieve their full potential all over the world.  Mrs. Kate uses her catchy songs to build character and teach kindness.  She sings for over 10,000 kids a year, and shows no signs of slowing down, delighting her audiences with puppetry, storytelling and interactive tunes. Learn more about her on her website.

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  1. This is so fun!! This will be my first Christmas in Florida and you have lightened my heart, Mrs. Kate! Delightful song, adorable kids and family getting into the season…!

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