Free to Be You and Me! on Throwback Thursday

Today’s Throwback Thursday comes from member Dylan Glanzer from Parties by Dylan, and it’s a throwback indeed! Join us in this joyful cover of the classic song.

From Dylan:

I loved recording a classic favorite song from my childhood “Free to Be You & Me!”  I am a 70’s child.  I love that folksong style of singing that is a little like country/rock.  This song was originally part of Marlo Thomas’ children’s entertainment project called “Free to Be…You & Me” and featured fabulous stars like Alan Alda, Carol Channing, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross!  There were stories and songs about saluting values like individuality, gender neutrality, and tolerance.  I grew up loving this music and its message.  I think the message is more than relevant today, especially in our current political and social climate.  It is sad to me that the messages children learn from current popular music and pop culture is about looks and image rather than the beauty that is inside of us.  I am inspired by this song and it was a joy to record it!


  1. Love it Dylan! 💕💕

  2. How wonderful to be reminded about this gem! Timeless.

  3. Yes, oh what a positive hope-filled song! I had two of this record___one for my kids and one for my classroom which was played during naptime. I never got complaints from the kids because our rest time was filled with stories and songs of quality—many of you CMN-ers were in my classroom repertoire, long before I met you face to face at CMN. You are my friends from way back!

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