Ghost Who’s Afraid by Val Smalkin on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s song comes from member and PIO! Songs Editor Val Smalkin of Silly Goose and Val, and it’s perfect for everyone’s favorite spooky day, Halloween! (especially if the “spooky” part isn’t your favorite).

From Val:

I love Halloween because of the power it gives children over things that go bump in the night, but at the same time I am not a fan of scaring anyone (I’m a complete wuss). Thus, Ghostie-pie was born. You can see her here in a piece of light promotion for our CD: A Gentle Halloween

Imaginary fears are a very large part of childhood, as you very well know, and giving children imaginary weaponry against those fears is very effective. For example, I sprayed my daughter’s room with imaginary anti-monster spray every night being sure to get the windows and under the bed.Then, she could sleep. My hope is that A Gentle Halloween gives children power over Halloween ghosts and goblins through dance, song, hopping, jumping, and having fun. Enjoy!

Check out the lead sheet here: Ghost Who’s Afraid

The album is available on Val’s website, at amazon and on cdbaby.


  1. Val, this is just perfect for the little ones!

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