The Frog’s Song on Throwback Thursday

Member Bonnie Lockhart learned this song from member Pam Donkin at our national conference in 1999, and is still singing it! We love the learning, sharing and singing that goes on at our conferences. Our next one is coming up in just a week. Are you coming? (Photo by Charlesjsharp)

Frog Song is my favorite songs to use with both pre-school and school aged audiences and classes. Pam Donkin shared this at a National Gathering-probably in 1999- and then it was included in PIO!-issue #36.

In classes, I teach the little frogs line (Gero, gero, gero, gero, gwa, gwa, gwa) to one group; the big frog Gwa, Gwa, Gwa) to another group; both done as ostinato.

Older kids can sing the whole thing as a round. I’ve also made an Orff-type arrangement for 2nd/ 3rd graders who play the big frog part and simplified version of little frog part on marimbas as ostinato throughout song.

In performance, I often pair it up with the USA camp song: (Hear the lively song of the frogs in yonder pond! Crick, Crick, Crickety Crick! Buuuurmp!)

When I found two adorable frog puppets, big & small, the piece was sealed into a long-time favorite!

Thanks so much for teaching this, Pam!

The Frog Song by Pam Donkin:

For a look at Pam’s contribution to PIO! and her lovely story about learning the song, click here: frog-song

Here, with the wonders of Youtube, a link to a Japanese singer. Many variations pop up if you follow this link. But this one is closest to what Pam taught.




  1. Another great song! Thank-you!

  2. I love this song Bonnie and Pam and forgotten all about it! I think I’ll use this in my young chorus this semester. Thank you! Definitely read the story of how Pam learned it. Music really unites us – as you’ll see if you join us at CMN’s annual conference this year in Los Gatos, CA!

  3. How beautiful! Thanks for this frog song starting my day in a glorious way! looking forward to all the frolicking frog song to come next weekend CMN!

  4. Oh my goodness, how a song travels!!! Thank you for sharing this! Pam, your music lives all over the world!

  5. I love this song – and am wondering why I never think to use it!
    What a great idea to pair it with “hear the lively song…”!
    Thank you, Bonnie! Thank you, Pam! Thank you, Alina!

  6. I’m thrilled that Bonnie has used this song after learning it when I shared it so many years ago! 1999? Gee. How great is CMN?!

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