From the Archives: Hot Diggety Dog by Lisa Atkinson

From the Archives is an on-going series dedicated to plumbing CMN’s own rich archives of songs. It is curated by PIO! Songs Editor Val Smalkin.

The late Lisa Atkinson contributed this simple, joyful, endlessly useful song to PIO! for issue 37 in the winter of 2001. Her songs are still often shared and sung among us here at CMN and in the wider world.

Upon learning this song would be featured in our series, her husband George Kincheloe shared this with us:

“Lisa used to create little pieces like this constantly around the house, to everyones’ delight.  The one she wrote for our cat (whose name is Stella Luna Clementine Darling) is so beautiful that it still breaks my heart every time it comes to mind. The four kids we raised together are all wonderful and caring adults now, thriving in various places around the country.  I would surely welcome inquiries about them from any and all CMN folks who remember us as a family.  The album this song is on is still listed as one of A Gentle Wind’s top sellers even now…… long years after Lisa left us all here to get along without her.” 


Hot Diggety Dog



  1. I know I chose this song from the archives, but hearing it again months later it pleases me even more. Is that Lisa’s voice on the recording? So simply beautiful!

  2. What fun! I know the little ones will love the cheerful surprise words!

  3. Loved hearing her voice and cute, creative song.
    So happy you found it and added it to the blog.

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