I Am a Jewel by Nancy Schimmel on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s lovely song comes from member Nancy Schimmel.

n at freight rainbow cropped
Nancy Schimmel

Back when Dominique Di Prima (daughter of poet Diane DiPrima) had a show for teens on KQED, she did a workshop at a Freedom Song Network conference I went to, explaining the significance of rap for us older, mostly white musical activists. I loved it, and her, and thought: “Her mother must be so proud.” I went home and wrote this song. I rarely sing it. It’s a song for children to sing, as it is done on the recording. It’s from the album, Sun, Sun Shine. So if you have a children’s chorus, try it out! Click here for some ideas for classroom use: I AM A JEWEL.



I am a jewel, gonna shine on you
I am a jewel, gonna shine on you
Gonna shine on the world, gonna make it new
I am a jewel, gonna shine on you.

Every child is a one-of-a-kind,
Heart and soul, body and mind,
Born to grow and born to learn,
Born to give this world a turn.

We see the world with brand-new eyes,
To a baby, a bug is a big surprise.
Gonna be brand-new women and men
And discover this world all over again.

Some of us children been through a lot,
But don’t you weep about what we’re not,
Let us know we’re fresh and fine,
And every child is gonna shine and shine.

© 1990 by Nancy Schimmel. Instrumental arrangement by Reed Fromer, vocal arrangement by David Crawford.

Vocal: Roslyn Waller with Rainbow Guests and The Singing Rainbow • Keyboards: Reed Fromer



  1. love it! This message needs many terrific songs like this to keep it out there for children.

  2. Great song sung by wonderful children!

  3. Oh Nancy,
    I just got to listen to this and I love it!!! I will totally add it to my list for the children’s chorus next session! Awesome awesome song.

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