These Are Places in the World by Red Grammer on Throwback Thursday

Member Kristin Lems recommends this jaunty, educational tune for Throwback Thursday.

There are a million ways to use the song! I give a cloze test (fill in the blank) of the lyrics and have them just fill in the rhyming words at the end of each of the lines, to build phonological awareness.
Sometimes I have small groups each take one line only of the song and locate the places in maps, google maps or elsewhere.  (a couple of them are no longer there, but — most are). Or I’ll use it to talk about what all children in the world want and need.
I also have a list of all the places in the world in the song and ask students to put them in three columns – either a city, state, or country.  That helps them do good geography work.
This song is great for English language learners, as well, or any children who can benefit with some geographical knowledge and the fun of learning to music!



  1. I love this song, Kristin, and have taught it years ago in my children’s chorus. But I love the ways you have extended the ways to use it!

  2. I’ve always loved this piece but my poor old small brain could never memorize the lyrics! Good on anyone who can. It’s a wonderful “song.”

  3. Isn’t that fascinating that there are places listed here that no longer “exist”!? Great song, and like you, Patricia, I couldn’t get it all memorized, so haven’t use it!

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