I Love to See You Smile by Janie March on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s loving song comes from member Janie March, and is great for the beginning of the school year!


“I love to See You Smile” is dedicated to all the students I have worked with over the years. It was inspired by seeing children smile when they have accomplished a goal. It is rewarding to see the children use the tools that I have given them being put to good use. An example of this is when a little girl that I was working with used strategies she learned to solve word problems on the New York State Assessment Test. I was overjoyed.

At the end of the year, it is always bittersweet. I remember when I left my first teaching job to start a family of my own. I shed some tears as I said goodbye to my little preschoolers when their parents came to pick them up, knowing I might never see them again. So many children have made an impact on my life. Being an educator is challenging, but it is so rewarding to watch them learn day to day.

It is such a joy to see smiles on the faces of my students as they reach their goals.

For lyrics click here: I love to see you smile




  1. What a wonderful, sweet song! Thank you for sharing.

  2. A happy, upbeat song! Thank you for sharing!

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