Three Nice Mice on Throwback Thursday

Today’s entry is a twist on the ancient rhyme, Three Blind Mice. Member Katherine Dines  took that familiar tune and gave it an update.

Katherine Dines
Katherine Dines

From Katherine:

Since this is a “traditional song” I changed the lyrics because the original version as everyone may remember “Three Blind Mice” has a farmer’s wife cutting off the tails of mice! Kinda sexist and violent don’cha know? First I sing the original version and start to “cry” when their tails are cut off. That’s how I set up the song. My “new” version is an inner rhyme (nice and mice), and is extremely friendly! I change the lyrics to “tickle” various parties including mama’s, daddy’s, cousin’s, librarians, grandparents, etc. I also like to set the song up using various stories available about mice, or a true story about how I found a mouse in my house. I perform this using some sign and various representative hand and finger movements.


THREE NICE MICE (make a sign language 3 and tap fingers in 3 places. I use arms to start, then head and cheeks on second verse, then shoulders, tummy and knees on 3rd verse)
THREE NICE MICE (on arm, repeat on opposite side to cross midline)

See how they run (Move wiggling fingers up and down in the air)
See how they run

They scurry across (little baby’s) back (your mama’s/daddy’s/librarian’s/cousin’s/etc.)
(Move wiggling fingers across someone’s back)

Hurry to nibble a little snack (kiss the back of your own hand or whoever you are tickling)

Furry and tired they hit the sack (clap once on “hit” and slap knees or shoulders on “sack”)

THREE NICE MICE (Repeat first movements- sign and tap in three of the same places)

Repeat 3 times tapping 3 different places on body.

End with making real sign language for mouse or making “w” with three fingers and placing them to the sides of the face like whiskers. Sing: I’ve still got my tail)!

Adaptation of Traditional by Katherine Dines
©2003 Kiddie Korral Music, ASCAP. Used with permission
From Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta FUNsies 1


  1. I like this version much better than the original! We must always be conscious of what we teach children through the messages of songs, books, stories and more. Thank you Katherine for teaching a kindler, gentler more humane way to walk the world.

  2. Brilliant!

  3. How great Katherine! I love your version and how it is so physically friendly and interactive with family singing time! For the same reasons as you, I changed the lyrics to this as well, back in the 90’s. It is published as a Laurie StorEBook in the Long I Vowel section of our Leaping Literacy Online Library. As a fun reference and juxtaposition to your version, here’s mine:
    Three blind mice. three blind mice.
    See how they run! See how they run!
    They were playing in the kitchen at night
    when a human came in and turned on the light!
    They didn’t see cause they didn’t have sight
    but the human was psyched and screamed in fright, “AAAAHHHHH!”
    Which was scary and not very nice … for three … blind … mice!

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