One Tree Said by Harmonica Pocket on Tuneful Tuesday

As Summer comes to a close, this nature-loving song from member Keeth Apgar of Harmonica Pocket tells a story of conservation, from nature’s perspective. You can also find Keeth on Twitter and Facebook.


This song’s story…

There is a simple and powerful Native American proverb which goes something like: “Take what you need, and leave the rest.” This is the main message in One Tree Said.

For me One Tree Said is about not being greedy. It’s about considering, understanding, and accepting the perspective and needs of others. This is something I’m working on.

I am not saying that it is wrong to cut down trees, or eat animals.

I am saying that we all need to think about how we do these things, and how we treat other plants, animals, people, and our planet.

If you have ever seen a “clearcut” (when ALL of the trees are cut down in a given area by chainsaws and big machines) you probably know what I’m talking about. Clear cuts are a familiar sight along the highways where I live in Washington State.

We humans could be a little more responsible and begin thinking sustainably. It’s becoming more and more clear that our decisions and our choices affect more than just us. For me, One Tree Said is about acknowledging these things.

To experiment with bringing the lyrical images to life, we made sounds with two different types of saws in the Ladybug One album version of One Tree Said. Bob Antone (an amazing storyteller and fiddler from North Bend, Washington) played the musical saw. This is a traditional style of “bowing” an actual handsaw to get it to sing. I find it to be a very haunting sound, which is what I was initially going for on the song’s recording.

As a finishing touch, Nala and I also did a recording session with a chainsaw. We set up the microphones outside, and listened to the song on headphones while “playing” the chainsaw. Here is a photo from that recording session.

One tree said
To another tree:
“They ain’t gonna build a house outta me
Try to cut me with a saw
Or chop me with an axe
But I can outrun any lumberjack
My legs are strong
My trunk is long
I’m staying right here where I belong”

We’ll give you all you need
Any more than that is greed
Just let me be where I belong

A little blue fishy
Swimming in the sea:
“No worm on a hook can outsmart me
Try to sell me to the market
Or keep me as a pet
But I ain’t seen a net that could catch me yet
My fins are strong
I’ll sing this song
I’m staying right here where I belong”

We’ll give you all you need
Any more than that is greed
Just let me be where I belong

You already have so much
Will you ever have enough?
Just let me be where I belong

Just let us be where we belong

Please don’t please yourself
By hurting someone else
Just let us be where we belong

All you see is dollar signs
How can you be so blind?
Just let us be where we belong


  1. Terrific song, how unique to be written from the point of view of nature’s creatures talking to humans.

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