From the Archives: Take Good Care of Each Other by Cathy and Marcy

Our From the Archives series, curated by PIO Songs Editor Val Smalkin, is a chance to dive into our rich and varied history of songs! Today’s loving song comes from long time members Cathy and Marcy.

Cathy and Marcy
Cathy and Marcy

We have been making music with and for families for over 40 years, and together for 35! The song “Take Good Care of Each Other” is from an early album called, “Air Guitar”, most easily found on CD Baby. The first time we performed the song, we were in a family show with Pete Seeger at Merlefest. As Marcy introduced the song, she said, “I only have a chorus so far” and taught the chorus to the audience along with American Sign Language. Pete immediately announced that the song did not need verses and that it said everything it needed to say. So, there it is. We have made over 20 recordings for kids & families, won 2 GRAMMY Awards in Children’s Music and continue to play music and record for adults as well.

Take Good Care of Each Other

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  1. beautiful song, and so perfect for me today- needing a lot of care from people who love me, and receiving it!

  2. Thank you for highlighting this lovely song!

  3. Beautiful! I agree with Pete. The chorus says it all.

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