Back to School Hello Songs Pt. 2

Part Two of our Hello song Extravaganza starts right here! Read and listen and learn for some more wonderful ways to greet your new students. Find one you just love? Be sure to let our members know, click on their names for their websites and contact info.

Hi there!

First up, this comes from member Audrey Engdahl:

The kindergarten classes at my school use this syncopated chant. It’s similar to Cookies from the cookie jar, in that the each leader passes it off to the next. The response fits into the 2 rests after the leader speaks.

Stick To the Beat
– learned from Jali-D Dave Foreman,
Washington, DC

Leader says:
My name is MIA, and you KNOW what IGOT?
(Rest rest)
I got some FRIENDS __ who are HOTter than HOT!
(Rest rest)
BAT MAN AND SU-PER MAN (super is syncopated)
(Rest rest)
CAN’T _ do it LIKE __ DERrick _ CAN

Group responds during rests:
–What do you got?
— How hot is hot?
–Uh-huh, uh-huh
–Stick to the beat

Of course you can change up the superheroes, gender inclusive etc.

Next up, this celebration of greetings from around the world comes from member Janice Buckner.

Member Andrea Green contributed this cheerful number, Hey Hey Hey,  it’s part of her musical The Same Sky.

Member Sammie Haynes chimed in with with rhythmic number:

I’m not sure if I got this idea from Carole Stephens or if it came to me b/c of something she or another CMNer inspired. This name game is best done in a circle so everyone can see one another. I use sticks but you could certainly use hand claps or clapping on thighs.

I say we’re going to go around the circle and introduce ourselves by our first names and then add something we like (it can be something they like to do, a favorite food, a favorite color, flower, animal or game – the leader can choose a subject and vary it each day the first week).

I begin by saying, “Sammie”/”singing”. Then I explain we’ll tap out the syllables with our sticks (or hand claps) so 2 for “Sam-mie”/and 2 for “sing-ing”. Then everyone repeats what they just heard along with the beats. By the end of the week everyone should start remembering names and perhaps find something in common with each other.

Member Paul Nye makes it impossible for you not to have a Good Morning with this contribution:

Last up, members Two of a Kind shared this wonderful, welcoming video of a live concert.





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  1. These are all so wonderful! And thank you Janice for the shout-out on your video. So many ways to greet new and old friends.

    Thank you CMN for being a treasure trove of songs for us all!

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