Back to School Hello Songs Pt. 1 on Tuneful Tuesday

The new school year is nearly here! Whether you’re dreading it or can’t wait (we hope it’s the latter!), our members have banded together to offer up a plethora of Hello Songs. The first half of this treasure trove of greetings is below and intended for preschool and kindergartners, the second will go up next week.  If you find one you know you’re going to try, be sure to let the contributor know, click on their names for websites and contact info. 


This first entry comes from member Susan Salidor, and is one of several wonderful Hello Songs she’s written for early childhood over the years.

Next up, we have member Pam Donkin’s cheerful, flexible tune, Hello My Friends. From Pam: “This song can be tailored to whatever the preschool – 2nd grade classroom teacher is doing that day! Or it can be used just as a general greeting song with movements zipped in.”

Member Liz Buchanan contributed this multicultural celebration and a great blog post along with it! Read the post here.

Member Nancy Silber contributed the lead sheet for her Hello Song, perfect for the first day of Kindergarten:

Hello K Song

Last up today is this welcoming song from member Sarah Gardner.

Try something new this year, and get to know your students with a song!


  1. Such a happy compilation of songs to start the new school year with!
    Thank you Alina and all the wonderful CMNers who contributed their songs!

  2. Awwww, thanks for including me! I loved seeing the video to this song my husband Jay Rehak made some years ago. Babies have grown, our daughters have moved out, neighbors have moved on as have mail carriers, but there are lots of great smiles to be remembered.

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