From the Archives: I’ve Got a Song by Malvina Reynolds

Our From the Archives series, curated by PIO Songs Editor Val Smalkin, is a chance to dive into our rich and varied history of songs! Today’s irresistible classic is from the legendary Malvina Reynolds, with permission from her daughter, Nancy Schimmel.

Malvina Reynolds

Malvina and her husband were visiting Lou Gottlieb and his wife one day. He was the humorist of the Limeliters and was a witty but lengthy talker both on and off stage. The talk that day was of music, as it often was. Lou’s little girl, Judy, was lingering around the outside of the grown-up circle, trying to get a word in. She said, ‘I’ve got a song!’ Malvina said, ‘Would you sing it for us?’ Judy hesitated, then said, ‘I forgot.’ Malvina went home and wrote this song, first published as ‘Judy’s Song.’”

For the lead sheet click here: I’ve Got A Song

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  1. I never heard it sung before! It’s even more marvelous than I thought when sung by the fabulous Malvina!

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