Get Outa Your Shell by Andrea Green On Tuneful Tuesday

This encouraging song was submitted by member Andrea Green.

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‘Get Outta Your Shell’ is a featured song in my musical THE RAINBOW SEA, written in 1992 as a vehicle to bring together diverse groups of youngsters. The show presents the story of a special friendship between Big Fish Blue Lou and Shrimpy. Blue Lou wants to become a member of the prestigious Big Fish Club but in order to be accepted he has to reject (eat:) his friend Shrimpy.  In the song ‘Get Outta Your Shell’, Shelly and the Pearls help Blue Lou think about his predicament and begin to gain the confidence he needs to stand up to the bully fish.

The topics of bullying, inclusion, self-esteem, acceptance and respect are explored in this musical.

THE RAINBOW SEA, most recently was performed by the children of St. John in the Caribbean at the St. John School of the Arts, funded by the ASCAP Foundation and the Elixir Nepenthe, Inc. Click on the link above for pictures! And to see it live, click here.


  1. Thank you Valerie! GET OUTTA YOUR SHELL is a key song in the musical THE RAINBOW SEA, but now I’m seeing it as a stand alone song too and plan to include it on my first music cd for children coming out in 2016/2017:))
    It’s a confidence building song that I hope others will perform and record.

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