Back to School Hello Songs Pt. 2

Part Two of our Hello song Extravaganza starts right here! Read and listen and learn for some more wonderful ways to greet your new students. Find one you just love? Be sure to let our members know, click on their names for their websites and contact info. First up, this comes from member Audrey Engdahl: […]

One more Hello Song – with a Lesson Plan!

Member Brigid Finucane answered our recent call for Hello Songs with this complete lesson plan. It looked like so much fun, we’ve decided to post it in full. Hey Children, Who’s In Town? Chris Judah-Lauder’s Orff workshop (Sept. 2010), no known source Grade: 1-2 Concept/Skill: Echoes teacher-led movement, Follows body percussion patterns, Plays ensemble repertoire […]