The 4X4 Shake the Floor by Kevin Kameraad on Tuneful Tuesday

Today’s rockin’ number is from new member Kevin Kammeraad, it’s from his album, The Monkeys Go Marching.

The story for The 4 x 4 Shake the Floor:

Each summer, I add a song or two into my setlist for my library shows that are simple, pattern-based songs.  I typically sing them a cappella.  After five years of doing this, I had a bunch of songs that I thought would work well to record a “live” album.  The idea was to keep the album simple.  Record it in a day.  Have a fun group of kids and adults to actively contribute to the recording, the same way we perform live.
A few days before the recording, I felt I wanted a couple of more songs for the album.  So, my buddy Stacy (whom I had asked to play guitar on the album only weeks before recording it) and I got together and wrote The 4 x 4 Shake the Floor (and game called Freeze Louise).  I sang the basic idea to him, he added the chords, and we had the song.  Quick and simple.
The first time playing the song with an audience was also the same time we recorded it.
One of my favorite stories since releasing the song was from a teacher at a school I had visited.  She said that every day, while kids wait in line to get on the bus, they have “trouble.”  The kids are bored, thus, they fool around. So, she went out there and began just singing and leading the song.  No instruments.  Just her voice and leading the ideas, then letting the kids take the lead.
There were no more “troubles.”
My hope with this song, and every song on the entire album, is that everyone can make a song their own, play, and have fun as they do.
P.S. Thanks Jim Gill.
1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4
Now it’s time to shake the floor.
Repeat. A lot.
Key: G
Chords: G C D D G


  1. This simple song is just what every single group leader has always needed!
    Great job!

  2. This song is great… as is the entire album!
    Every song lends itself to creative thinking and improvising for kids !

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