Summer Song by Kathy Reid Naiman on Tuneful Tuesday

This happy tune is from member Kathy Reid Naiman, it’s on her new album, Welcome Summer.


From Kathy:

I was working on my new ‘Summer’ CD with Ken Whiteley and we were almost finished recording. All the bed tracks  and most of the over-dubs were done. Ken suggested that it needed one more song; something that could maybe open the CD with a warm welcoming feeling. I had the weekend to think about it and on Monday this is what came out.

I will use it as an opening song in my concerts this summer!

Welcome Summer by Kathy Reid-Naiman c 2016 SOCAN

produced by Ken Whiteley


  1. love it! It gives me hope, after yesterday’s snow. (which has disappeared- hooray!)

  2. This is a jaunty, welcoming tune, Kathy! Thanks so much for sharing!

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