From the Archives: Forever Song by Sarah Goslee Reed

Our From the Archives series, curated by PIO Songs Editor Val Smalkin, is a chance to dive into our rich and varied history of songs! Today’s joyful song is from member Sarah Goslee Reed, lyrics by Michael Waldecki.


From Sarah:

I met the poet, Michael Waldecki, at a small concert that I gave to a poetry group in northwest Ohio in the early 1990’s. We quickly became friends, trading books of poems and tapes of my songs. For several years, Michael and I had lengthy conversations about his newest book of poetry and some of my newly written songs. I was (and still am) always on the lookout for poetry that could become a song and his poem “Forever Song” was a natural choice. At the time I was experimenting with a different guitar tuning, and the tune emerged from messing around with chords in that tuning.

Forever Song