Momma Don’t Allow on Throwback Thursday

This delightful, jazzy romp comes from member Sarah Gardner.



I love the song Momma Don’t Allow. I love it because its a good simple live jam song, in any genre! (Seriously from bluegrass to punk it just works.) Kids catch on fast, and if you have sudden special guest musicians show up at your show they can be comfortably spotlighted and introduced in good time.  Then – you can take the end right into Saints Go Marching In for a parade around the room.

I may have first heard it in the womb. My dad led a big band in NY and mom said I’d kick to the beat before I was born. As a toddler I took my naps in the backs of manhattan jazz clubs. Always got a kick out of the momma not allowing a jam session – and all the musicians misbehavin’!