Gentle Hands by Michael Delmain on Throwback Thursday

Member Barb Tilsen contributed this lovely submission. It is on her album, “Make a Circle Like the Sun.”

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“Gentle Hands” is a beautiful song by my friend, Michael Delmain. He taught at all three of the Miniapple Montessori schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, where I met him when I first brought my musical program “Sound Beginnings” there in 1993.

“Gentle Hands” was one of the first songs I heard him sing and I loved its affirming message from the very first. Michael told me he wrote it when one of the young girls kept getting angry and hitting rather than using her words. He said to her,  “our hands are not for hitting, we have gentle hands here.” Then he went home and wrote this song and sang it to her the next day. “Gentle Hands” became a beloved song in all three schools and one we did in each winter and spring family program after Michael passed away, in honor of both him and all three of the schools’ commitment to peace education. Michael sang this with me and played piano on my recording, “Make a Circle Like the Sun.” The album is available on  iTunes.

Gentle Hands by Michael Delmain
© Michael Delmain
I want to have gentle hands
Strong hardworking hands
Hands that play the music
Of every instrument in the band
These are not pinching hands
Never pushing, hitting hands
These are hands with a loving touch
Hands that understand
And they can be building hands
They can be making hands
These are not for fighting
These are not breaking hands
I want to have gentle hands
Celebrating, creating hands
Let us all join hands together
Remember we hold gentle hands
Let us all join hands together
Remember we hold gentle hands
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  1. Lovely song. I love the story of what brought the song idea to him. Perfect.

  2. Just beautiful. xo

  3. Just beautiful, Barb. Love this song and am going to learn it and use it a.s.a.p. Thanks. xo

  4. Barb what a great story. I remember loving the song on your CD, but with this additional background story the song is even more meaningful.

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