From the Archives: The Cow Song by Uncle Ruthie

This post if part of our on-going From the Archives series, in which a guest curator combs our rich and deep archives for wonderful music that should never be forgotten. Today’s song was chosen by PIO!‘s Songs Editor Val Smalkin and was written by the incomparable Uncle Ruthie Bell.



From Val Smalkin:

Uncle Ruthie is a truly amazing woman. She has worked in radio and TV since age 12 doing children’s theatre, educational films, and early live TV in Chicago where live TV started. And today at 80-something, her voice still rings with humor, clarity, and a bit of pepper. Early on she worked for Coronet Educational Films with Dick York (of Bewitched fame). Coronet produced Shy Guy, Are you Popular, How to Read a Book, and other such educational shows for the school systems. The list of well known actors, singers, etc. with whom Ruthie has consorted is too long to list here, but do yourself a favor, click here, search “Halfway Down the Stairs;” and enjoy Uncle Ruthie’s singular voice. The January 31, 2016 program has all to do with Cows! So funny!

The Cow Song can be found on Uncle Ruthie’s 2011 Parents’ Choice Silver Honor CD, The Jacaranda Tree. She presented this song at the Fall 1994 CMN National Gathering and it was published in a special double issue of PASS IT ON! in the summer of 1995. In these times of trouble I thought the world really needs a Cow Song.

√The Cow Song

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  1. Great song! What fun! Thanks for sharing this, and about Uncle Ruthie’s background, which is such great news for us newbies!

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