Sugar is Bad for You by Paul Nye on Tuneful Tuesday

Member Paul Nye has contributed this rockin, bluesy number on everybody’s favorite villain: Sugar!

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New federal guidelines have come out stating something we all know.  Cut back on sugar.  Being a sugar freak myself, I thought I’d write a silly opinionated song about sugar.

I’ve sung the song three times to preschoolers and 1st & 2nd graders.  I set up the song by telling them that I have a really, really bad “sweet tooth,” meaning – I LOVE SUGAR.  But, too much sugar isn’t good for a guy like me.  I tell the kids that when I sing “Sugar is bad for you,” they can point a finger at me and yell back, “Sugar is bad for YOU!”  Since kids love any song that involves yelling and doing something they are told not to do (pointing their finger at someone else), the song has gone over very well.   I like to think that the “sugar” message is getting through to the kids.
I also pick a child out of the audience, give them a guitar pick and let them strum the song and “play the solo” (I perform this song with a background track) on solo dates.  It’s a little complicated, but I’ve refined the technique well enough by muting the strings I don’t want them to play.
The background vocals were done by three girls who sing with me on band dates.  They are Emily Widman and Lexi Holt (both high school seniors), and Charlee Stewart (5th grade).  They came up with a kind of “Norwegian Nanny Diva” (their term) voice for the BGVs.

Sugar Is Bad For You

Verse 1:
Say no to sugar, it’s not good for you
Say no to sugar, high corn fructose syrup too
Say no to sugar, you don’t need it anyway,
Say no to sugar, chase those sugar blues away
Say no to sugar, eat somethin’ healthy today
Say no to sugar, ……..Or it’ll make you pay
Sugar is bad for you (echo),  Yeah, Sugar is bad for you (echo)
Sugar is bad for you (echo),  Sugar is bad for you (echo)
It’ll make you hyper – like you did when you wore diapers (diapers)
It’ll make you act like a baby too (act like a baby)
Yeah, Sugar is nasty, ugly and mean, Sugar is bad for you (echo)
Verse 2:
Now sugar will make you crazy, make you wild inside
It’ll make you want to scream and shout like you do outside
You’ll be up one minute and down the next,
Yeah, sugar will make you silly and sad, it’ll give you no respect
It might be okay for trick or treatin’ or special occasions too
But if you mess with sugar, sugar will MESS WITH YOU!
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Guitar Solo  
No, no don’t go near sugar, it’ll take you right on down
It’ll crash you and trash you, it’ll knock you to the ground
 If you eat something good like fruit, and vegetables too
You’ll grow big, strong and healthy – there’ll be no limit to what you can do
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