I Am The Future of Black History by The Culture Queen on Tuneful Tuesday

Member Jessica “Culture Queen” Smith’s album, I Like the Me I See, inspires confidence, cultural awareness, and curiosity in children everywhere. With her music she celebrates and educates on topics like African American History and Self Esteem.

The Culture Queen and a Princess.

Happy Black History Month! “I Am The Future of Black History” is the last song on my first album “I Like The Me I See!” just released this year.

I actually wrote the song back in 2012. My mission was to pen a new freedom song that was a fusion of Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” and the black national anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” by James Johnson and John Rosamond Johnson. The lyrics energetically reinforce my passion for studying my history and being proud of where I come from. I wanted the listeners to have a deeper connection to African-American history. The lyrics introduce children to the idea that they are making history right here and now; and that they get to decide whether they legacy that they leave behind will be positive or negative. The audience likes hearing me perform this song because I think they are not expecting me to start rapping which is always fun.

It is a powerful experience to hear the audience join in and sing along with the chorus that says, “Tomorrow’s legacy starts with me. I am the future of Black History!” I intentionally wrote those lyrics to be an affirmation. When the audience sings along, in actuality, they are creating a better tomorrow at that very moment. Mission accomplished!


  1. WOW! Great song! I can just see a whole auditorium-full of kids singing along with this affirmation. Wonderful!

    BTW Queen where did you get those fabulous crowns??? WANT!!!! :>)

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for featuring this encouraging song. Keep up the great work, Culture Queen.

  3. Love this, Jessica, Culture Queen! That you are. Wonderful!

  4. So very, very cool! Love it!

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