It’s Raining Cats & Dogs on Tuneful Tuesday by Sarah Gardner

This jazzy, silly tune is from member Sarah Gardner.

I wrote It’s Raining Cats & Dogs after seeing a little girl’s confusion when her grandma said that “it was raining cats & dogs”.  The little girl knew I loved frogs and asked if the frogs minded cats and dogs falling on them. We decided that they would be very upset and try to do something about it. The reason I use it a lot in performance is because the kids love yelling out the frogs are mad and making mad frog faces. Its a way to express grumpiness/anger without negative consequences. In the video the frogs work together to come up with a solution and be happy. I’d like to make it into a kids book at some point so that the story doesn’t go by quite as fast as the dixieland song.

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

by Sarah Gardner

It’s raining cats & dogs
They’re landing on people and frogs
No one is too happy about it
But the frogs are mad (Audience repeats: “The frogs are mad!”)
The cats come spinning down
The dogs fall all around
No one knows why
but they sure can’t fly
We thought it was just a saying, about how hard it was raining
But its oh so frustrating smelling like wet fur
Now frogs don’t mind the rain when its just water on their brain
but the cats sure hate it and the dogs just shake it off
Repeat Chorus.
And in the middle of July we didn’t believe that weather guy
When he said it could rain in the blink of an eye
Now frogs don’t mind the rain
When its just water on the brain
But the cats sure hate it and the dogs just shake it off.
Repeat Chorus

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  1. This is really adorable! Love the song, love the animation, love the idea! Bravo Sarah and crew!

  2. So cute!! Thanks for sharing Sarah 🙂

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