From the Archives: Circle the Earth (with Peace) by Joanne Hammil

The latest installment of our From the Archives series in tandem with PIO! editor Brigid Finucane features member Joanne Hammil.

I wanted to write a song that introduced children to the word for “peace” in many languages and at the same time make the content about children of all cultures joining each other in friendship.  I had an image in mind of children circling the earth holding hands.

World CD_SongbookOn the recording, for each verse, I highlighted an instrument that is played in the country where that language is spoken.  So there is a zampoña (pan flute) on the verse when the children sing the Spanish “paz”, a marimba on the Swahili verse (“amani”) as xylophones and marimbas are very prevalent in African music, a dumbek, which is a common percussion instrument in the Middle East, on the Hebrew verse (“shalom”), and a koto (a traditional Japanese stringed instrument) when they sing “heiwa”.

I added a simple 2-part vocal harmony to emphasize the concept of harmony among children of different cultures.

For lyrics and music, click here: Circle the Earth

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  1. Your song has been a favorite of mine for many years. It was sung at our Family Peace Concert last fall. We were surprised by a large delegation of teachers from Pakistan (salaam) and a couple from Japan (heiwa), both surprised and pleased to hear their language included. Thank you for this song, Joanne!

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