Zachary’s Song by Val Smalkin on Tuneful Tuesday

This quiet, peaceful song is by Val Smalkin of Silly Goose and Val.
Photo: Lola and Val

This is one of my few serious songs, written after the far-too-early and tragic death of my daughter’s schoolmate in 1991. And as a church musician, I’ve sung this song all too often to mark the loss of lives both young and old. It comforts me to to believe that those who are gone are not lost to us, but that we are all (as Stuart Stotts said in his Keynote speech at the 2015 CMN National Convention) just “walking each other home.”

Please use this at will for any non-profit church or academic purpose.

For lyrics and music click here: Zachary’s Song


  1. So beautiful. So true.

  2. Oh…how I’d love to have a choir sing this song so the C at measure 31 could be held through the chord changes to measure 36. I used to be able to do that…no more, no more….Anybody up for it at the next CMN conference?

  3. Val, Thank you for a achingly lovely song- with a message that goes right to the heart.

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