From the Archives: Peace in my Fingers by Susan Salidor

This edition for our From the Archives series in tandem with PIO! Editor Brigid Finucane features this timeless song by Susan Salidor.

I wrote “I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers” for a Peace Week celebration that was being held at the very first preschool for which I taught music, back in the mid-90’s. The director, Susan Monroy (now Klein), created a week of activities that got even the youngest students to think about the nature of peace, about being peaceful and creating peace at school, at home and in the community.  Children and their teachers spent time talking about and identifying the roots and downfalls of violence and thinking of alternatives to such behavior and choices.

At the time, I could not find a song for young children that I felt empowered them to be peacemakers (this was long before I found CMN!), and so I tried my hand at writing one for the concert that ended the week-long festivities.

Since that time I have written well over 100 songs for children, but none has had the international journey that this little song has enjoyed.  I believe that part of its journey is due to the many CMNers who have sung it and passed it on, and I am deeply thankful.

For lyrics and sheet music, click here: PeaceinMyFingers


  1. I’ve heard and sung this song countless times, and I never get tired of it. It’s jaunty melody is the perfect architecture for this important message – which we need now more than ever. My kiddos love it as much as I do, and as I exit the classroom, I often hear snatches of it being sung sotto voce. Thank you Susan – and thank you, Alina for another great post!!

  2. Brigid, your description of the melody being the perfect architecture for this important message is spot on. You are very poetic. I like that. I am not, sadly. Susan, I am just now discovering this song, but after the first measure, I had a big smile on my face, and it hasn’t gone away yet. Also the melody of ” I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers” hasn’t gone away either from my mind, and it’s annoying to try to write and have a catchy tune competing for thinking space. thanks to ADD, I may be able to pull it off. Great work all around. I am adding it to my personal collection of Peace Songs. So glad I joined CMN! Happy new year and peace, love and music, Annie Lynn

  3. Big fan of this song, too, and the musician who wrote, sang and recorded it.

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