I Love Turkeys by Marla Lewis on Tuneful Tuesday

Member Marla Lewis provides this jazzy ode to a funny ol bird.

Why do I love turkeys on Christmas? Well, have you ever hung out with a turkey?  I mean a live turkey, silly! They are charming, boisterous creatures.  They crack me up. Turkeys love to play hide and seek. Did you know that they’re also amazin’ dancers?  

Two short months ago, I didn’t know nothin’ ’bout turkeys! They were simply dinner to me. Then one day, I went to my cousin’s farm and met cows and chickens and pigs personally! But my absolute favorites were those crazy turkeys, runnin’ amok, laughin’ their heads off.  They put a dollar in the jukebox and played some raucous square dance music. They taught me the Turkey Strut and we danced till dinner. (We had salad for dinner.)

Shoot, they inspired me so much, I wrote a song about them!  Check it out!

I Love Turkeys

I love turkeys,
I love turkeys
They’re spirited and snappy
They’re frisky and they’re happy
We play all day around the farm

I love turkeys,
I love turkeys
Watch the way they waddle
And listen to ‘em gobble
They’ve got a lot of natural charm

If you got to know a turkey better
You would have adventures by the score
You’d flap your wings and ruffle up your feathers
He’d leave you laughin, beggin for more!

I love turkeys,
I love turkeys
Give ‘em half a chance now
One’s askin’ you to dance now!
So lighten up and take his arm!

(kazoo solo to second bridge☺

If you got to know a turkey better
He’d become your friend and confidante
Genuine and loyal to the letter
He’d keep your secrets, no matter what!

I love turkeys, I love turkeys
Woncha give ‘em half a chance
Look, one’s askin’ you to dance
So lighten up c’mon and take his arm!

©2014 by Marla Lewis


  1. Marla never fails to charm me with her original ideas, innovative instrumentals, and beautiful vocals! This is so much fun.

  2. A fun little turkey classic. Marla always makes me smile. I imagine a bunch of turkeys
    dancing together dressed up in 40’s retro attire:)

  3. Marla Lewis is a terrific songwriter whose music crosses many genres. FUN!

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