From the Archives: Revel my Friends by Nancy Silber

Enjoy this joyful, classic song by member Nancy Silber from our series in tandem with PIO! and its wonderful Editor, Brigid Finucane.

Revel, My Friends celebrates the Winter Solstice.  The words began to take root in my head when I was feeling very cold in my music room – experiencing the first raw day of that year. Tony Soll’s music brings to mind the days of yore when people took part in various activities to try to coax the sun to return to the earth during the shortest days of winter.  We added alto recorder and finger cymbals to our arrangement on our recording to help evoke the feeling of time past and the value of singing and dancing together to bring light to the world during dark times.  Jonathan Hatch and Kathy Flaherty are the lead singers on the third verse.


For lyrics and music, click here: Revel My Friends. 





  1. just the song I wanted to hear today! only five more sleeps until the days start getting longer!

  2. I just love this. Beautiful, Nancy!

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