You Are My Sunshine on Throwback Thursday

Member Bill Crosby contributed his take on this classic song.

Bill Crosby


I was looking for songs to record for a lullaby cd and thought of this one. But, when I listened to the original recorded lyrics I was aghast  : This is an extremely sad song ! 

So, I took out my writer’s license,saw that it hadn’t expired yet,and wrote some words I’d be more comfortable singing. This is one song that inspires  audience “sing alongs”  whenever I perform it.

A true classic melody.


  1. Beautiful. Brightened my day.
    For beginning songwriting classes I often get them to write an alternate happy verse to that depressing one of this song. Your version is masterful!

  2. So nice Bill! I love the segue into “Don’t Worry.” Perfect pairing!

  3. Love this version! Wonderful.

  4. Love these lyrics – so pleased that the ladies that own the copyright have loosed the reins a bit to allow you to record them. When I recorded it about 5 years ago, I also found the original lyric morbid, and only changed 2 lines. It took LOTS of back and forth, and the only way they would agree was if THEY own the rights to MY new lyrics. I agreed to it, as I was doing it in tribute to my mom who has passed away – it was her favorite song! Love the reggae beat, too, Bill!

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