From the Archives: Turkeys on the Farm by Kathy Lowe Bloch

From the Archives is a series created in tandem with new PIO! Editor Brigid Finucane. We share songs from the extensive archives here at CMN by our own, wonderful members. This song, perfect for the Holiday season, is by member Kathy Lowe Bloch.

Kathy Lowe Bloch
Kathy Lowe Bloch

I’ve been doing music for and with young children for over 25 years now.  “It Sounds Like This,”  is my 3rd children’s recording of original and traditional music. I live in NH, so I get to enjoy the 4 seasons. To me, seasons have always offered such juicy material to write about.

In the fall of 2001, I found myself looking for some Thanksgiving tunes and Turkey songs. I found a few, though I wanted to have a song that acknowledged Turkeys without mentioning the job that must be done to be able to eat them.  Also, I didn’t want to mention eating them, as many young folks come from vegetarian families. So, I was pleased  when I came up with this song, which is playful, rhythmically interesting, and can be a number finger-play tune. Also  Thanksgiving is not mentioned, though this is when I bring out the song each year.  

My friend Kent Allyn plays a killer bass part on this recording!  Making the Turkey Gobble Gobble sounds, is one of my favorite parts of the song. Here’s where my family Vaudeville/Circus background comes driving forward.

I can thank my parents for the ease I have in being nuts….. I love bringing wild sounds, crazy movements, and varied use of instruments, into my music with children.  It’s in my blood, what can I say?? 

As I move forward continuing with music for children, I remain dedicated to offering songs of nature, celebration, human connection, humor, developmental growth, imagination and crazy spontaneity.


For sheet music, click here: Turkeys on the Farm

To purchase the album, click here.


  1. Fun song! And a really cool bass part. My husband plays fretless and it’s such an expressive instrument. Nice use of it here!

  2. That is an adorable song! Thank you for sharing Kathy Lowe Bloch & CMN!

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